This Venus Retrograde is An Astrological Event of the Century Tied to the Eclipses


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Venus retrograde just started. It’s when Venus appears to move backwards in the sky from Earth’s perspective, occurring about once every year and a half.

In astrology, the position where Venus gets stuck and remains for a long period of time is bound to be the most important period of time during the retrograde. There are moments when the ebb and flow of intensity feeling it come in different flavors, and those exact moments can be identified over the course of the retrograde.

Fate has a language it seems to speak through astrology, and a pattern is plain to see when you look at the astrological angles and things that fall into place through this code.

This year is all about Scorpio, Pluto, Aquarius, Leo, and Uranus. The first part of this year must have been sort of dreadful for people, something continuing from what started in 2016 perhaps when that Saturn square Neptune configuration occurred.

Purging, being forced to deal with built up emotions or bad habits, things hitting rock bottom or some point of bleakness may have happened this year. At the same time, a strange moment may have hit people who are unshakably stable in their lives.

It looks like a line is being drawn right now. The longest eclipse of the century, a mathematical fact for those who want to be assured this is not an exaggeration, just happened. It was a Full Moon, lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aquarius and it was aligned with Mars.

A line is being drawn between the attitude of the eclipse, which implies a long era of people feeling this rebellious, electric, opinionated but also possibly tense, agitated energy. The eclipse implies a clash between the freedom seeking energy of Aquarius and the “belief in comfort over freedom” held by Uranus in Taurus.

A stubborn belief in complacency is what Uranus in Taurus represents.

The eclipse squaring Uranus is being emphasized during this Venus Retrograde because Venus just happens to get stuck directly opposite and square Uranus squaring the Nodes, where eclipses happen.

The North and South Nodes in the sky are some of the most important positions in astrology. Every year and a half or so they move backwards to a new sign, and eclipses that year occur on the nodes. The Nodes determine where eclipses will happen, moving backward through the zodiac to complete a full cycle every 18 years. People have known about the nodes since probably before the origin of the age 18 as a point of maturity in people’s lives.


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Uranus is squaring the Nodes right now, creating this tense, agitated, opinionated, energetic but confrontational feeling in people. We need to feel this for some reason. Maybe some things that people weren’t willing to admit for years will come up during this time.

This agitated feeling should distinctly be a conflict between freedom oriented, thinking people, and people who are willing to submit to an insidious form of slavery being set up around us. A conflict between freedom and selling freedom for comfort.

During this Venus Retrograde, Venus, the thing in the sky that is about social activity to make it more intense, will tap straight into Uranus square the Nodes, this belief in complacency clashing with what the eclipse solidified in us. Venus will oppose Uranus, square the Nodes.

These are 4 moments during this Venus Retrograde to watch out for peaks of this energy.



October 10: Venus conjunct Moon in Scorpio squares Mars in Aquarius

(Image credit: Astro)


Venus retrograde starts at 10 degrees Scorpio, and the exact moment it starts to move backwards, it hits the extremely slow moving Mars in Aquarius, moving out of its even longer once every 2 year retrograde, for an ultra long Venus square Mars.

This particular day it peaks, the Moon in Scorpio also happens to align with the confrontational, agitated, frustrated Venus square Mars, to make October 10th a very volatile day.

Not only that, but the bi-annual Sun square Pluto happens the same day Moon + Venus in Scorpio are square Mars in Aquarius all at 10 degrees. At 17 degrees Libra, the Sun squares Pluto at 18 degrees, to peak on the 11th.

Sun square Pluto is an annual purging, letting go, quiet dark odd moment where things don’t go right but people need introspection and to face what they have kept built up, all alone it’s powerful enough to cause that.

Then, add the social climate of the day (Venus) being stuck in one spot burning in the sign of Pluto, Scorpio, making a confrontational aspect to the fiery planet Mars, while Mars is slowly moving the energetic, electrified Aquarius, all kinds of strong opinions, unpredictable actions, need to reflect and make changes in life, all of these things will come to a head on October 10th.

On October 10th and the few days before and after, be aware of conflict of all kinds, bizarre (Pluto and Scorpio) social interactions and things involving people (Venus). It will be time to learn a lesson at this time, without a shadow of a doubt.

October 10th is certainly the first time people will strongly feel what this Venus Retrograde is all about.



October 24: Full Moon aligns with Uranus, square the nodes in a Grand Cross

(Image credit: Astro)


It gets even stranger on October 24. Guess where the Full Moon has to fall? Exactly aligned with Uranus, square the nodes, in a great, conflict-filled, opinionated, stubborn, jolty grand cross.

It will definitely feel like some type of oppressive or agitated force is trying to prevent us all (Uranus, square the Nodes) from learning our lessons this year and being where we need to be in our own space (North Node in Leo).

The Full Moon is only one degree away from Uranus in Taurus, and it’s conjunct Venus Retrograde in Scorpio. This Full Moon will majorly emphasize the Venus retrograde, and most importantly of all, it will continue this conflicting, agitated, battling energy of Uranus square the Nodes.

It’s constantly going to be reinforced: a conflict between freedom seeking people, and complicit, comfort seeking citizens at the expense of our freedom, all while the wealthiest people in the world sit back and watch us fight. However, the powers that be are no more immune to the purging energy than we are, and wealthy people, corporations, and governments will find themselves fatefully subject to the same luck, at the same time, despite their best attempts to use the energy in the air against us.

Remember: this retrograde is emphasizing Uranus square the Nodes, and Uranus square the Nodes, the place the longest eclipse of the Century occurred, is the central important thing here: it’s Aquarius vs Taurus, Taurus vs Leo, it’s freedom vs control. It’s a confrontational feeling that is absolutely necessary for any civilians to remain in possession of a semblance of rebellious energy, a semblance of strength or ability to be defended against growing tyranny.

Defense against tyranny is really what this retrograde, this Eclipse, and this Uranus square the Nodes are about.

So on the October 24 Full Moon, really watch for the aforementioned themes especially pertaining to Uranus square the Nodes.

Also, astronomically speaking since the Full Moon is the furthest away from the Nodes, the Moon the furthest away from the belt of all planets when it is full, that means the Moon will be beaming the energy of some other constellation just slightly above Uranus in Taurus, or below it. The Moon won’t be quite in Taurus, a little bit above or below it in the sky. That’s guaranteed to add some foreign, unusual energy to October 24th.



October 30: 5 planets at 0 degrees in Grand Cross of Uranus/Nodes

(Image credit: Astro)


Listen, this Halloween and the day before are going to get very intense. The people who have influence in this world, some of them seem to understand and revere astrology, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some strange disaster conspicuously occurred on October 30th or 31st.

On October 30, a very strong, fateful sign of confrontation and energetic clashes between people is present in the sky, with all the themes mentioned before, when the major peak of Uranus square the Nodes occurs. It’s Uranus at 0 degrees Taurus, square the Nodes at 0 degrees Leo and Aquarius, with Venus Retrograde in Scorpio at 0 degrees, with the Moon conjunct the North Node in Leo at 0 degrees.

0 degrees, 0 degrees, 0 degrees, 0 degrees, 0 degrees. 5 points at the very beginning of the fixed signs, in this electric and stubbornly opinionated (Uranus in Taurus square), socially piercing and intense and lesson-learning in an uncomfortable way (Venus Retrograde in Scorpio), all of that somehow clashing with our ability to solidify and learn our lessons of the past year and a half with North Node in Leo.


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For the past year and a half, we’ve been learning the lesson collectively of, “how to feel okay while the world is crumbling around you.” How to feel okay no matter what, stay strong, stay positive, that’s all Leo, the sign of the Sun. While the Leo eclipses have occurred, that’s one of the major lessons we had to learn. Now, as the North Node moves backwards out of Leo, this is our last chance to learn those lessons on how to persevere through all the darkness (Leo).

So our lessons about persevering through darkness get one major, final blast of conflict (Uranus) and darkness (Scorpio) when all of that squares the Nodes, while the Moon conjoins its North Node for the final time while it remains in Leo, on October 30.

Remember, Halloween will be a time where the strangest and most unpredictable things will happen. And you know what people have to learn? To have no fear and be okay anyway. That’s the lesson of North Node in Leo. Learn how to do what you do anyway and stay protected, unless it’s simply more wise to not take chances.

On Halloween, the Moon in Leo is at 8 degrees, square the Sun in Scorpio at 8 degrees. 8 is the number of Scorpio. It’s yet another fateful affirmation of the fact that this is the year of Scorpio and Pluto.



November 30: final feeling of Retrograde, Venus opposite Uranus, square Nodes

(Image credit: Astro)


On November 15, Venus Retrograde will finally be over. The final wave of feeling it however, will really occur on November 30, when Venus again opposes Uranus, and squares the Nodes, This day will be one final emphasis of the themes of retrograde, with a positive affirmation of Sun conjunct Jupiter.

The North Node will be in Cancer, and we’ll enter a year and a half long period of time where the lesson to learn is, how to have a heart and care for your family, animals, and nature while the world seems to crumble around us, and while all kinds of darkness tests us.

The Sun will be conjunct Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius at the end of Venus Retrograde, bringing about no doubt a positive flavor.


(Image credit: hueyfreemanonlyspeaksthetruth, theastrologypage)