Mercury opposition Uranus (transit): the Mind Flooded with Electricity


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(Happening the week of 10/10/2018)


By Tryptamine Astrology Readings

Mercury opposition Uranus is a very strong astrological aspect, because Mercury and Uranus have a special, particularly functional relationship together. In the sky at any given moment, Mercury represents how everyone is thinking logically, with the left brain, and it has a lot to do with basic communication, basic thought processes, electronics, and machines.

Uranus is the electricity that runs through the machine, the thoughts that fill the shell of the mind. Uranus in the sky represents how people think as well, what opinions they hold, how they express “belief,” that revolutionary energy, the thinker energy. Uranus represents the way people believe things and how they declare “THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE IN” for a 7 year period it makes a transit through a sign.

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So when Mercury opposes Uranus in the sky, a channel is created between everyone’s mind and the electricity, thoughts that move through the mind, creating a lightning fast thinker type of energy that can manifest in a variety of ways depending on the energies flowing through the planets (signs they are in).

Mercury opposition Uranus is a more jagged, unpredictable, jolty and uncontrollably mental electricity and energy with communication when it happens in the sky.

So if you can handle it, it could give you inspiration for thinking and learning, make your brain razor sharp, or it could just crumble into mental jaggedness, might provoke some irritation or annoying things, for certain people with neurological disorders or problems with the nerves I believe it may cause symptoms to appear, that’s what hard Uranus aspects seem to do, it’s about electricity.

Overall, this aspect could very well be taken as a positive one since Mercury and Uranus connect so well, but you have to be willing to handle the intensity of the opposition, and it depends on the signs the two planets are in and how those two opposing energies interact.

As with all aspects in the sky, you should also see where this hits you in your own chart.


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