Mars Retrograde is Giving Symptoms to the 1990’s Born Generation

By Tryptamine Astrology Readings


Right now, the generation of people born in the 1990’s must be experiencing insomnia, a constant, energetic, sometimes (or often) tension causing Mars feeling, and that’s because of the Mars Retrograde.

About every 2 years, Mars makes a very slow retrograde and gets stuck at one spot in the sky for months, and months at a time. This causes some type of energy, some group of people, to feel this burning, insomnia inducing, tension causing, constant and ongoing fire feeling for months at a time.

Therefore, if some entire generational group has their main planets that define them (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune) at this spot where Mars happens to get stuck every 2 years, that fire, insomnia, explosive feeling will hit that very part of their souls where their generational characteristics lie.

To make it simple, Saturn is about your seriousness, discipline, work, and everything solid and structured in your life and in your chart.

Uranus is how a person thinks, the thoughts that go through their mind, how they have inspiration, what they believe in and stand for.

Neptune is how a person experiences much intuition, body feelings, higher consciousness type things, it’s about the end of consciousness and things beyond this life, everything imaginative, and in turn everything musical.

So every generation is defined by the placement of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Every individual has it different in their chart of course, but the signs and long lasting aspects made with these planets define people so much, it can’t possibly be overstated. You can test this theory as much as you can, throughout your entire life and you’ll find every single generation has the characteristics of their outerplanetary aspects and placements (for instance, the 1950’s born generation has an inner conflict between ideals of love, family, heart, and goodness which they believed in mentally (Uranus in Cancer), but their Uranus in Cancer, belief in family, clashed with their Neptune in Libra, a vision, desire, dream for things to be pretty, for things to be gentle and calm and pretty in life, and in life the family requires getting into territory that isn’t calm or pretty all the time. That’s just one example of a generational characteristic created by planetary aspects.

So the 1990’s born generation has a once every 190 year, extremely musical and imaginative Uranus conjunct Neptune, Uranus aligned with Neptune. It was the fulfillment of the longest and most important planetary cycle.

That’s why I think the period of time from around 1991 – 1996 was a musical renaissance for just about every genre you can imagine. Electric, inspired, thinking Uranus energy flowing through the imaginatative, musical place of Neptune in the sky.

While the people of the Libra generation born in the 1970’s got to feel that bright, powerful musical energy in the early 90’s, the people born during that time are walking snapshots of the waves of euphoria their parents’ generation felt at that time. People are snapshots of the energy flowing through the Earth at any given time in my view.

So this relates to Mars Retrograde, because Mars in Capricorn/Aquarius has been exactly stuck on both the Uranus and Neptune of the generation born in the late 90’s for a couple months straight.

People born 1994 – 2000 in specific felt this, Mars was stuck on their Uranus and Neptune between 28 degrees Capricorn and about 4 degrees Aquarius.

So you people, if you felt insomnia, frustration, or strange things for about 2 straight months, this is what it is. It must be fateful that we’re feeling this.

Also, the longest eclipse of the entire century happened at around 4 degrees Aquarius, conjunct Mars. So the eclipse conjunct that generation’s Uranus and Neptune definitely invoked some kind of thing about what they “believe” or stand for.

People’s beliefs, imagination, what they stand for and what they believe in could have been activated during this time. Mars is slowly moving out of retrograde now, and it will be in Aquarius still for a very long time, so this will continue for about another couple months.


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