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Tryptamine Astrology Readings was founded on April 5, 2015 in Sacramento, California.

After realizing it’s not too difficult to tell people exactly when certain feelings happened in their lives, at certain eras of time that inexplicably felt a certain way, people started asking me for full readings.

So, I decided to put my hobby of astrology into practice. It feels like another sense to me.


If you’d like to know how the next few years will be for you, learn about your own chart, learn about how your soul interacts with other people in synastry (whether it’s a matter of friendship or love), or anything else astrology related, here are the readings you can book!

If you want to test the accuracy of this before your reading, I’ll tell you month and year, far into the past, exactly when a certain year was either very difficult or very good to you.

 500+ Word Written Reading – $25 USD

The reading could be about the next few years for you, your own soul and chart, the synastry between you and a partner or a friend, anything you’d like.

Either I can tell you what I find to be most interesting, or you can list every question you’d like an answer to, and then I write the reading and email it to you with a copy of your astrology chart. These often extend far past 500 words, sometimes even double.


15 minute, chart on the screen personal video reading – $50 USD

This is probably the best way anybody could learn astrology. In this type of reading, I put your chart on the screen and narrate a video explaining the reading, while using the mouse cursor to actually point out where on your chart your planets are, what the angles look like, ect.

If you want to know exactly how to recognize what your reading is saying on your chart, this is the reading for you.

Frame-able art piece of your chart on canvas + reading of your choice – $300 USD

This is an art piece made from your chart, on a nice,  frame-able canvas, with the inclusion of a reading of your choice. It could either be a written reading or a video reading. Photos coming soon!