Sun conjunct Jupiter: the Most Positive Transit in Astrology


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Sun conjunct Jupiter is objectively the most positive aspect in astrology. Of course all the other factors matter very much, like what energy is beaming through Jupiter (what sign it is in, what light rays from certain stars and celestial bodies coarse through the planet).

The angles made to Jupiter matter, and the energy of the sign it is flavored with, but in general this is what Sun conjunct Jupiter entails.


Sun conjunct Jupiter in the Sky (Annual transit)

(Image credit: Astro)


When the Sun conjoins (aligns with) Jupiter in the sky, it’s like the rays of the Sun are enriched with another kind of warmth. It’s a time of people doing more things, talking to people, expanding and gaining things ranging from knowledge to actual possessions, a positive time of luck and joy in general, complimenting whatever themes are brought by the energy of Jupiter’s sign and aspects.

Like any other annual transit to one of the outer planets, Jupiter/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune, it usually takes around a week and a half to peak, with the strongest effects lasting about 4 days.

Everyone feels this kind of relaxed, warm, expansive, positive and generally content feeling on the annual transit of Sun conjunct Jupiter. It’s something to look forward to every year, and many years, the Full Moon or New Moon happens in close proximity to Jupiter during the conjunction, same with the other outer planets.

It’s possible to recognize a sign, a forewshadowing about how the year will be, from seeing where the Full and New Moons fall, and eclipses, in proximity to Jupiter.

Say an eclipse happened exactly conjunct Jupiter: that would be a really powerful indication of a long lasting period of time that feels euphoric, full of new things and growing and positive expansion. If the eclipse was maybe 10 degrees away from Jupiter in the same sign, it wouldn’t be as powerful of a positive affirmation exactly, it might be a different planet or sign that is repeatedly, fatefully emphasized in the air by where the different aspects fall.

People are more likely to be social on the annual Sun conjunct Jupiter, and on this unique day, it is possible to tap into a real appreciation for life, family, pets, nature, and things that are not particularly one way, but generally just wholesome and warm.

Jupiter is very influenced by the sign it is in and the aspects it makes, as if it gets filled up with the energy of that like a giant balloon. It takes a year to change signs of course, so every year the sign Jupiter is in is an indication of the collective themes of that year.

The annual Sun conjunct Jupiter is always a foreshadowing or a recap of some of the most important themes of the year for everyone, it emphasizes what people have gravitated toward and felt fulfillment and joy from in this particular year.

During this transit, people have the power to be tapped into what is currently giving them joy and satisfaction, what is making them feel where they need to be in life. Travel, doing things, meeting people, all this type of stuff happens and it feels active for that during the Sun conjunct Jupiter.

In 2018, the Sun conjunct Jupiter during the week of November 25 is occurring in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s own sign, a remarkably positive and pure Sun conjunct Jupiter foreshadowing 2019 when Jupiter will be deep into Sagittarius.

(Image credit: Astro)



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