Haumea: the Déjà vu Dwarf Planet

By Tryptamine Astrology Readings

Without a doubt now, it can be said that the dwarf planet Haumea in an astrology chart is an indicator of the phenomena of Déjà Vu, or even stronger, Déjà Rêvé.

You heard it here first: multiple charts with planets conjunct Haumea belong to people who experience persistent, constant psychic phenomena like Déjà Vu or Déjà Rêvé.

Like all the dwarf planets except Pluto, in my opinion it can only be activated through conjunction or close opposition.

In addition, the conjunction should be close to the ecliptic plane where all planets travel, and some of the dwarf planets have highly elliptical orbits distant from the ecliptic plane, making a conjunction not that powerful.

It’s always difficult to determine exactly what a dwarf planet does without assigning it a meaning it doesn’t have in reality, so it requires years of over and over, experiencing annual transits like Sun conjunct Haumea, repeatedly seeing things like Sun closely conjunct Haumea in an astrology chart and knowing the person that chart belongs to, to determine what it does like all dwarf planets.

Haumea is a very fast spinning dwarf planet with a bizarre, elongated shape, and for some unknown reason the physical characteristics of it cause it to induce psychic phenomena in people whose planets are conjoined with it.

Haumea has rings, the only known dwarf planet to possesses them, and the third object smaller than Neptune found to have them in our solar system, after the smaller “centaur planets” Chiron and Chariklo.

Haumea also has two moons.

It might suggest that the other dwarf planet with an elongated shape, the 7th largest dwarf planet, Varuna, may be tied to Déjà Vu or Déjà Rêvé.

Every dwarf planet can sometimes be tied to things that are dark, things of the “underworld” and a certain type of intensity, or propensity toward causing purging events or things akin to destruction and recreation like a phoenix. Every dwarf planet has an energy that is sort of intense like that, like Scorpio which can be considered the sign of dwarf planets.

However, Haumea is most definitely less prone to darkness than other dwarf planets.

It’s official, Haumea is the Déjà Vu dwarf planet.

(Image credit: writersreserve, universetoday, the-conscious-mind,  universetoday)