Eris: the Dwarf Planet of Intelligence

Eris is a dwarf planet that takes longer than any to go around the Sun, aside from the Sednoids with multi-thousand year orbits. It’s over double the orbital period of Pluto, revolving around the Sun every 557 years.

After a long time of carefully observing Eris in charts and in aspect in the sky every year, for instance, the annual Sun conjunct Eris, this is what it seems to do.

Eris is tied to a Uranus, Saturn, Sun type energy, something that is regal, large, and firm like Leo and Saturn, but also distinctly intelligent and downright revolutionary like Uranus or Aquarius. Of course, it also possesses that purging, deep, intense dwarf planet energy like Pluto or Scorpio.

Eris is distinctly tied to a sense of knowing some kind of ancient information, a revolutionary type of energy, a thinker energy that endows a person with the feeling that they have always known something and it is nothing new.

Eris is a very strong, fiery, sort of serious and Saturnian but distinctly intelligent and “tapped-in” energy, that seems to be tied to thinking and learning, having conviction for something, standing for something and seeking the truth. It’s a planet distinctly tied to revolutionary people, and sometimes what appear to be past-life connections with Eris emerge, with Eris conjunct the South Node appearing in the chart of many people who have some conviction that they are old souls.

Eris has a very eccentric orbit in relation to the ecliptic plane. It gets so incredibly distant from the zodiac constellations at certain periods of its once 557 year orbit, it may not even be that active during these times, but in conjunction and opposition Eris does seem to be active even when it is distant.

Twice every 557 years, so once every 224 years, Eris is at its strongest point and it can be activated to the very fullest. This last happened in 1715, and it will happen again in 2075.

A massively powerful eclipse in the year 2078 is going to exactly, precisely conjoin Eris in Taurus at its very strongest point, closest to the belt of all planets (the Ecliptic). It will also conjoin Mars in Scorpio, and the South Node will be conjunct Orcus in Scorpio, the dwarf planet most resembling Eris in effect. Orcus is another fiery, firm, regal dwarf planet with an energy that resembles Leo and Capricorn, or the Sun and Saturn.

This is the chart for the eclipse at 7 degrees and 7 degrees Taurus and Scorpio, on April 26, 2078.

This will cause the true energy of Eris to be felt deeply, throughout the world for at least a year following this, as eclipses are long-term, delayed reaction type things. It’s very interesting to note that the once every 171-year Uranus opposition Neptune, last seen in 1906, will be happening during the same years Eris is at its North Node, as the next Uranus opposition Neptune peaks April 26, 2077 and March 6, 2078.

Now on April 26, 2077, the Sun happens to be precisely aligned with Eris at 7 degrees and 7 degrees Taurus, the exact same spot where the following year, at 7 degrees and 7 degrees the Lunar Eclipse conjunct Eris exactly at Eris’ most strong, close point to the ecliptic plane.

This strongly implies that the ultra-longterm, society transforming rising and falling tides of our collective belief, how we think, how we have spirituality, how we have music and all that is spiritual and thoughtful (both Neptune and Uranus), are tied to Eris. Uranus and Neptune aspects, waves of renaissance, awakening energy seem connected to Eris.

Hard Uranus and Neptune aspects have repeatedly happened in Capricorn and Cancer for hundreds of years now. In the 1990’s, the great once every 190 year conjunction of Uranus and Neptune occured in Capricorn.

The last Uranus opposition Neptune in 1906 happened in Capricorn and Cancer, and the next Uranus opposition Neptune will be in Capricorn and Cancer.

The last Uranus conjunct Neptune before 1992, around 1820, was in Capricorn as well. Major transformations in our collective sense of what we believe in, how we think, how we experience a “renaissance” and surge of inspriation and artistic development, all of those things have something to do with Capricorn, Cancer, and something to do with Eris and other dwarf planets.

Tapping deep into some kind of intelligence, ancient information, or something deep we can hardly identify that has to do with knowledge and truth seems to be associated with Eris.

During the 2078 Eclipse of Eris, Saturn will also be starting to conjoin Uranus, solidifying and crystallizing the collective changes in how we think, what we believe in, and what we stand for. Venus in Pisces conjunct dwarf planet Quaoar, trine Neptune in Cancer signals a focus on healing, caring for each other, empathy, and the entire era of Neptune in Cancer at this time will be the greatest relief, and empathy-promoting aspect in the sky that will have been felt since 2024 when Neptune leaves another water sign, Pisces.

During the end of the 2070’s at this time, I believe people will be faced with some deep, deep purging desire to gravitate toward an ancient intelligence, the need for freedom, particularly from technocracy and totalitarian rule which is what I believe people will be dealing with at this time.

I believe Eris is a signal toward a deep, ancient, destructive intelligence, a downright revolutionary energy with something very regal, solid, and firm about it, that may cause purging like Pluto, the other dwarf planets, and the dwarf planet’s sign Scorpio.

Sometimes, it makes sense to analyze the discovery date of a dwarf planet to look for signs about what it could be about. It has been observed in a consistent amount of charts for 4 years by me personally, how Eris energy feels in a person or when it happens in the sky, but if you look at the chart of Eris’ discovery on January 5, 2005, there might be some clues.

Eris was discovered with the Sun at the dead center of Capricorn, during the major aspects Saturn square the Nodes, and Jupiter trine Neptune, in the air. Mercury and Venus were closely conjunct Pluto in Sagittarius as Eris was discovered, implicating a Plutonian, dwarf planet feeling, while the Saturn Nodal square and Sun in Capricorn foreshadow a solid, firm Saturnian influence to Eris.

The Moon in Scorpio was square Neptune in Aquarius, while Jupiter activated the intelligent energy of Neptune in Aquarius during Eris’ discovery.

Like all the dwarf planets except Pluto, in my opinion it can only be activated through conjunction or close opposition.

In addition, the conjunction should be close to the ecliptic plane where all planets travel, and some of the dwarf planets have highly elliptical orbits distant from the ecliptic plane, making a conjunction not that powerful.

It’s always difficult to determine exactly what a dwarf planet does without assigning it a meaning it doesn’t have in reality, so it requires years of over and over, experiencing annual transits like Sun conjunct Eris, repeatedly seeing things like Sun closely conjunct Eris in an astrology chart and knowing the person that chart belongs to, to determine what it does like all dwarf planets.

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