About Edge Canopy

Edge Canopy is a media outlet that seeks to offer interesting, extremely informative info on a variety of topics, critically examining all kinds of issues from a perspective weary of the money that influences everything in this world. Any topic we cover, we put research into it that paints a detailed picture of the issue.

We used to be called Era of Wisdom, and at the end of 2016 we published a full length documentary about the pharmaceutical industry on YouTube here. Then, a few months later our narrator who made that documentary with us passed away unexpectedly at the age of 24. After Joshua Paniagua passed away, Era of Wisdom was dead and now Edge Canopy takes its place.

Edge Canopy was founded by Markab Algedi, a young veteran of 5 years in the new alternative media, former or current author for sites such as the Anti-Media, Activist Post, the Mind Unleashed, March Against Monsanto, and more.

We appreciate all support very much. If anyone would like to support us financially, our Patreon can be found here.