Putin too Friendly with Netanyahu, Meeting Occurs as Israel Strikes Syria

May 8, 2018  | Edge Canopy

Markab Algedi


Right now some seemingly contradictory things are taking place on what people could somewhat insensitively call the “geopolitical stage.”

A few other details in the situation can be garnered from a simple DuckDuckGo search, so for the sake of keeping this article rich they will be excluded. To get up to date with critical details in this situation, you could follow researchers who have personally visited Syria like Brandon Turbeville.


Tensions seem to be escalating between Israel and Syria, while Vladimir Putin is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today (Wednesday).

After learning about the meeting I discovered that Netanyahu and Putin seem to have a more close relationship than I could have ever imagined. Just look at the body language between Putin and Netanyahu in these photos. They are from the past several years.


Today as Putin meets with Netanyahu, Syria is claiming that it just shot down 2 Israeli missiles near Damascus, that were intended for an asset of Iran in Syria.

Syrian official sources are reporting that on Tuesday night, they shot down Israeli missiles south of Damascus in the countryside of Kisweh.

That means the Israeli forces are openly targeting Syrian government positions now: since the strikes from the US, UK, and France happened about a month ago, it seems like the floodgates to all-out war with the Syrian government have been opened.

And yet, some kind of bizarre silence on all of this pervades the media: which seems to be happening with all war lately, unless it serves a convoluted and increasingly difficult to identify strategy of public misdirection. Are they trying to keep it as quiet as possible on all sides so the war can continue, continue to make profit for “defense” contractors and whoever can profit from this? That’s almost a simplistic explanation nowadays with all the possible motives for this war to continue, but it still remains a big factor.

Another interesting question to ask is, do Russian civilians understand the horrific things that happen to Syrian people, as Americans, Australians, the British, the French, and damn near every other population fails to understand?

Only a select few individuals from any Western country seem to understand what happens to people in Syria, what happened to the people of Libya, and what happens to the civilians of Palestine. If this is or is not the case in other regions of the world, please let us know your experience in the comments because I’m interested to know.

It’s starting to look more like Putin doesn’t care about the innocent victims in Syria. We’ve heard some things about both sides wanting oil pipelines in Syria, but what else is really at stake here?

For the sake of leaving no stone unturned in truly trying to understand the situation in Syria, for the sake of really trying to listen to the victims and stop innocent people from being harmed, we have to critically examine the motives and intentions of Syria’s supposed allies as critically as the people agressing upon them.

How can Putin be so cordial with Netanyahu when Israel is among the very most bold at threatening Syria, Iran which is supposed to be a strong ally of both Russia and Syria, seemingly guiding the moves of the US and its coalition?

Recently, an Israeli minister and cabinet member openly said he would kill Syrian president Bashar al-Assad over his close alliance with Iran. More headlines are currently being made about Israel protecting it’s positions from Iran’s hypothetical attacks.

So Israel is trying to put its citizens in fear of attacks from Iran, while Netanyahu meets with Putin in an usually cordial way.

In 2016, Putin literally said that Israel and Russia were unconditional allies in the war against terror. Hypothetically that could have been something to try and ease the tension, one might suggest this is all to satiate the potential wrath of Israel with how much power they seem to have, but when you see the body language between Putin and Netanyahu, it says something very different.

Why is it that world leaders who hold the power to either enrich or destroy the lives of millions are so free of anxiety and so cordial in person? Could it be because their personalities all could be placed in a spectrum of psychopathy?

Syrian people are being ripped to shreds, killed in front of their families, women and children are dying and nobody gives a f**k, lets put it that way.

So research what happens to civilians in Syria if you want to put a little effort into treating those people with respect: those people truly wonder why Americans and residents of the West fail to understand they are being murdered, subjected to incomprehensible atrocities on a daily basis to only be remembered as a number in a headline, like “11 civilians killed in US airstrike in Syria,” or something like that.

But you know what is so positive about this? Ordinary Syrian people dealing with this have attitudes that are so incredibly kind and humble, according to researchers who have visited Syria if you met these people in person you’d never be able to look at your government the same way for killing them.


(Image credit: eramuslim, agenciaajn, express, newsweek)


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