Parkland Shooting Student: Boycott Spring Break Until Gun Control is Passed

February 26, 2018  | Edge Canopy


David Hogg is, or was a 17 year old student of the school in Parkland, Florida that was hit with the shooting recently. He is a survivor of the shooting. Less than two weeks ago he had probably never experienced an attempt to rally as many people as possible in favor of gun control. Now, he is spending seemingly all his spare time crusading for laws to restrict people’s right to own firearms.

This is what his Twitter looks like now.

He is currently pushing for a boycott of spring break unless gun control laws are passed.

According to the Sacramento Bee:

“Hogg has been one of the primary voices of the #neveragain movement started and run by Stoneman Douglas students that has been recognized throughout the country. He has appeared on nearly every major network and cable news program since the shooting that resulted in the death of 14 of his classmates and three faculty members on Feb. 14

The “NeverAgain” movement, which has received $2 million in funding from George Clooney, Oprah Winfrey and other Hollywood celebrities, is planning a march against gun violence in Washington at the end of March.”

“On Saturday, he took to social media to ask tourists to boycott the state of Florida as a spring break destination unless state legislators make a more concerted effort on gun control legislation.”

This article will not explicitly say “this is what did and did not happen” in Parkland. A few other things can be said though.

We know that CNN has been accused by not one, but two Florida survivor family members of pushing scripted questions about banning guns.

Therefore, wouldn’t it be within the realm of plausibility that someone could advise David to found the “NeverAgain” movement? This is a question directed at people who are unfamiliar with events like this, where all kinds of agendas are pursued. Those who know, know a lot more than this.

These are the people who recently exposed CNN for scripting questions.

Recently, CNN staged an event they called an objective “town hall” meeting to talk about gun control. On one side there was an NRA representative, which isn’t representative of the various people from all walks of life who own guns, and on the other side were anti-second amendment students, audience, police, ect.

Survivor of the shooting, student Colton Haab says he protected about 70 students by ushering them into a room that had bulletproof Kevlar mats from the military marksmanship program ROTC. They used them as shields. He said:

“We lined [the students] up into the wall and along the back of the wall…and from there I was standing with my first sergeant and I said, ‘these are kevlar, these are bulletproof material,’” Colton said. “We started moving the kevlar sheets forward.”

On solutions, Colton Haab said:

“I believe if we did bring firearms on campus to teachers that are willing to carry their firearm on school campuses—and they got their correct training for it—I think that would be a big beneficial factor for school safety. Because if Coach Feis had had his firearm in school that day, I believe that he most likely could’ve stopped the threat.”

Like the other lawmakers and teachers would like to be armed to guard themselves, this person is a supporter of the natural right to self defense.

Fortunately the culture of self defense is alive in America, a critical principal that all human beings and animals in a predatory world have to deal with. This natural right to self defense is sometimes referred to as the sacred masculine principle.

He point blank said CNN was telling people what to say, and to push for gun control.

Another man whose daughter survived the shooting earlier this month, Andrew Klein accused CNN of trying to steer the narrative toward gun control. He said CNN was only searching for family members to speak to them who would “espouse a certain narrative which was taking the tragedy and turning it into a policy debate.”

He said:

“I read that as being a gun control debate…I’m a Responsible gun owner. when we talk about gun control it’s not about taking guns away from people like me, it’s about keeping them out of the hands of the people who should not have them, who are irresponsible who are a threat to society (such as Cruz)

When Ted Deutch kept repeating his mantra that he wants to eliminate any gun that can fire 150 rounds in 6 minutes, that’s almost every gun out there. So this supposed assault weapons ban isn’t going to accomplish anything.”

Back to David Hogg. Based on what the other people said about CNN pushing the narrative to be about gun control, wouldn’t it make sense that someone is persuading him to now constantly campaign for gun control?

If you’re reading this and you know, you know. Debating whether or not an event happened or the specific details or it are one thing, but it’s not even necessary to know, to understand that people are pushing agendas on the backs of the people who experienced this event, however it happened. It is good and healthy to examine all the details of things like this, in whatever way people would like.

I believe what we’re really seeing is a swarm of disinformation, and a majorly coordinated campaign for gun control is underway that has roots in probably very deep places, given the identical nature to the reaction of your “David Hoggs” of this event, to events like Sandy Hook.

Recently, Sandy Hook parents met with Donald Trump. In 2018… over 5 years after it happened. They discussed gun control: so if you still think Trump is a savior, I promise nobody in the presidential office probably ever will be.

There is also an agenda to associate people who believe in the right to self defense, with these “alt right” people the media has been describing for a couple years now. This is the 2016- 2018 era, new version of Waco in the 90’s, the new version of Operation PatCon and all the things that were done to associate people who own guns with crazy militia members and things like that. Anyone reading this would be well advised to research that. Info about the 90’s Operation PatCon type stuff can be garnered from this very relevant video.

Back to that aforementioned swarm of disinformation: you might notice we have sites like Your News Wire and Neon Nettle posting blatantly fake, fabricated articles with false sources all the time. Somehow they escape the social media censorship for the most part, and real hard hitting controversial information seems to be censored.

In their vein of disinformation if you can picture it, some false information about David Hogg is circulating, accusing him of being present at other locations around the country to report on events on the scene. So: be careful what you see on social media and really research it all.

However, if you saw this photo of David Hogg wearing an earpiece, this is completely legit.

The original video can be found below.

This person is listening to someone instruct him on something while he does the interview. People in the comments noted that this is a standard practice of news media. I wouldn’t know, but it seems relevant to building the case that someone is instructing the young man to found a gun control movement.

Articles are trying to  call people assessing the intentions of David Hogg “right-wing trolls.”

These headlines read:

David Hogg Strikes Back at Right-Wing Trolls: ‘I Am Not a Crisis Actor’

Shooting survivor responds to being called an “actor”

According to the Washington Post:

“After enduring days of online vilification, Florida school shooting survivor David Hogg said he bears no grudge against the social media companies whose platforms surfaced and circulated false allegations that he was a “crisis actor” merely playing the part of a grieving student.

“It’s abuse, and it’s bad press for me,” said Hogg, 17, in a phone interview Thursday morning. But, he added, “it gets our names out there.””

Target of online vilification? Some people were born in places where shootings occur every day, I don’t think David Hogg is losing sleep over some people disagreeing with his call for their right to own firearms being taken away. He’s making his own decisions, which seem to be comply and say exactly what they want him to say.

You might have noticed that all the videos of Sandy Hook parents and family members behaving strangely have been removed from YouTube. They were extremely viral at the beginning of 2013, because there is a very, very large presence of people out there who recognize exactly what is going on with these events.

A YouTube video trended at the number one spot, calling David Hogg an actor. The video was removed for “harassment and bullying.” However, if you speak in the public eye and project a message out to people, those people have the right to make their media and project their message out to the world, on what they think about your message.

There is also the detail that his father was an FBI agent. It’s not looking good for the objectivity of David Hogg.

If the man really believes in what he is saying and I am wrong, I apologize. With all due respect, you have no right to tell other people they have to submit their guns to the state.


(Image credit: Facebook, LetsGovr)


This article may be freely republished with attribution to the author, and a working link back to this article at Edge Canopy.


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