“Biohacker” Who Genetically Modified Himself Ate Feces, Killed Gut Bacteria for “Transplant”

February 26, 2018  | Edge Canopy


The cringe award of the month goes to Josiah Zayner. The 37 year old man is best recognized for being the first known person to edit his own genes, using the CRISPR technology that he now advocates for experimentation with, particularly encouraging average people to conduct decentralized research using it.

Justified by a lifetime of intestinal problems, in February 2016 Josiah “declared war” on the microboes inside and outside his body.

So he checked himself into a hotel, sterilized the outside of his body, attempted to kill all the gut bacteria in his own body with strong antibiotics, and then ate a capsule containing his friend’s shit, in his words, “to completely replace all of the bacteria that are contained within my body.” It was an experiment based on a procedure known as a microbiome transplant. However it doesn’t seem like this is meant to be done orally. He ate 8 of these capsules.

He does have a Ph.D. in biophysics but does this guy really know what he is doing? An education like that does not guarantee he will know essential things that are purposefully left out of the education one would get from the “in with the system” academic institutions. They leave out info about vitamins and minerals, especially the University of Chicago if it still teaches the allopathic practices it was founded upon.

An extremely graphic article about his experiment was published by the Verge. It reads:

“Human feces floated in saline solution in a mortar, on a marbled countertop, in a dimly lit kitchen in Burlingame, California. A bottle of ethyl alcohol, an electronic scale, test tubes, and a stack of well-worn pots and pans lay nearby. The stove light illuminated the area as Josiah Zayner crushed the shit with a pestle, creating a brownish-yellow sludge.”

Josiah said:

“I think I can feel something hard in there,” he said, laughing. It was probably vegetables — “the body doesn’t break them down all the way.”

“You kind of are who you are, to a certain extent,” he said. “But with your bacteria, you can change that.” This mentality is the epitome of allopathy: the old term for pharmaceutical, surgery based medical practice. It is thought to be derived from the word “lop,” or to chop off. They used to solve problems by chopping off limbs.

The Verge article continued:

“‘Undigested portions of the meal are clogging it,’ he said. Frustrated, he removed the needle and pushed the plunger again, letting clumpy muck accumulate in the half capsule. But by the time he joined both ends of the pill, the gelatin casing had begun deteriorating in his gloved hands. ‘I think the liquid is dissolving these fucking capsules,’ he said.

For a brief moment, Zayner considered throwing his head back and swallowing the feces straight up, like a shooter from hell. But the thought disgusted him, and instead he opened a kitchen drawer and grabbed an inoculating loop, an instrument used by microbiologists to sample microorganisms. He dipped it into the large, poop-filled Ziploc bag on the counter. ‘We’re going to try this new technique — the ‘stuff and jam,’ he said. The unadulterated shit had a frosting-like texture and didn’t eat through the gelatin; the pill held up. Exhausted from his most recent dose of antibiotics, Zayner took a break.”

Apparently the first modern fecal matter transplant occurred in 1958, when American surgeon Ben Eiseman.. excuse the cringe.. flushed a few patients’ colons who were suffering from pseudomembranous colitis with not water but fecal matter from other patients, to replenish their intestinal bacteria. It’s a real practice, but obviously you’re open to becoming infected with a whole lot of bad bacteria swallowing shit in a capsule after killing as much of your own protective gut bacteria as possible.

He has suggested that in the future a police state might recognize people by not their biometric footprint necessarily, but by recognizing the pattern of their microbiome. It’s certainly never something I would have imagined.

While his ambition and ingenuity is certainly respectable, in my opinion he’s on the wrong side. You can imagine what side I’m talking about when I point out his Twitter handle is named “4LOVofScience.” He seems like a guy with a strong mind who was educated with the wrong information.

He graduated with a Ph.D. in biophysics from the University of Chicago in 2013. The one which was transformed by a massive $600,000 “donation” from magnate John D. Rockefeller. Yes: the one that was influential to the overhaul of the American medical practice in favor of allopathic, pharmaceutical drug and surgery based practice as described in this video.

He worked at NASA for a little bit, and went on to found his own company The ODIN, to create such things as genetically engineered fluorescent yeast kits for glow in the dark beer. He sells CRISPR kits to people to get them to genetically engineer things.

Let’s take a bit about him from Wikipedia:

“He refers to himself as a biohacker and believes in the importance in letting the general public participate in scientific experimentation, rather than leaving it segregated to labs. Zayner found the biohacking community exclusive and hierarchical, particularly in the types of people who decide what is “safe”. He hopes that his projects can let even more people experiment in their homes. Other scientists responded that biohacking is inherently privileged, as it requires leisure time and money, and that deviance from the safety rules of concern would lead to even harsher regulations for all. Zayner’s public CRISPR kit campaign coincided with wider scrutiny over genetic modification. Zayner maintained that these fears were based on misunderstandings of the product, as genetic experiments on yeast and bacteria cannot produce a viral epidemic.”

It seems like few figures of influence in the field of science have emerged from his generation born in the 80’s and 90’s, because his generation was born into the structure that was already firmly established with a tight grip on the direction of “medicine.” At least from my perspective, I haven’t heard about many truly prodigal young minds who developing this kind of thing from that generation. Therefore, this person might deserve a little respect.

He also made a little nod to 9/11, when he said “The idea that any scientist, biohacker or not, has created a cure for a disease with no testing and no data is more ridiculous than believing jet fuel melts steel beams.”

A sort of Silicon Valley associated field of experimental biotechnology using technology such as CRISPR seems to be emerging lately. Young scientists and businessmen such as Josiah Zayner and Aaron Traywick are making a name now.

They are trying to develop biotech, pharmaceutical solutions to problems that many of us understand are treatable with minerals and vitamins, nutrition, and strengthening the body’s own natural processes rather than trying to go about manipulating bodily processes into doing things that they don’t naturally do, which is the allopathic route.

Like I said, they’re currently on the wrong side. What is the wrong side? Let’s put it this way.

Aaron Traywick is a man who may have injured himself with a do it yourself “herpes vaccine” he publicly injected himself with earlier this month in Austin, Texas. In search of investors to pour money into his business, he attended a JP Morgan Health Conference in San Francisco.

Those would be investors, bankers, most of them are the exact definition of the “wrong side.” JP Morgan is the wrong side. To speak broadly they are the people with a lot of money who make our world hell and take it in the direction we don’t want it to go.

A few weeks following Josiah’s experiment eating those capsules, he went to a similiar event sponsored by people who like JP Morgan are not out for the best interest of the common people. He attended the 2016 Bayer AgVocacy Forum, and he said his “new stomach is a powerhouse.”

According to the Verge:

“Then, two weeks ago, I received a text message from him. Argonne National Laboratory had completed the sequencing. With the results in hand, Zayner performed a statistical analysis to find out if the bacterial composition of his skin, nose, mouth, and feces had changed over time — and whether the transplant had caused it to resemble Michael’s. Days later, Zayner revealed the results of the analysis to me — and to himself — over Skype.

The connection was poor, but I could tell from Zayner’s pixelated face that he was becoming emotional. The bacterial composition of Zayner’s post-transplant feces were consistently more closely related to Michael’s feces than his own poop prior to the experiment. ‘That is pretty insane,’ he said in a shaky voice. ‘The experiment actually worked.’

The skin microbiome transfer results were less impressive. During Zayner’s stay at the hotel, the bacterial composition of the skin on his arms morphed to resemble Michael’s. But that didn’t last long: once he was back home, the arm samples began to resemble samples taken from his girlfriend and his cat. The results for his mouth and nose were all over the place, making it hard to reach any conclusions. The experiment was both a hit and a miss, but for Zayner it was a success. ‘It’s exciting to think that we have a chance to affect the outcome of our own lives in these medical instances.'”

I don’t think people like Josiah Zayner and Aaron Traywick have evil intentions like those at the top who push GM soy that causes infertility, or other toxic products. I think they simply are on the wrong side right now. Hopefully they will join the side of natural health or at least “positive allopathy” you could say.


(Image credit: the Verge, Oezratty)


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