Rapper Yukmouth Urged People to Research Weather Warfare: “Google HAARP”

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Last year during the season in which countless hurricanes and natural disasters occurred within the same close period of time, Oakland rapper Yukmouth of the Luniz stepped far outside his usual realm of conversation and spoke his mind about the natural disasters.

He believes the recent hurricanes might have been engineered. The topic of geoengineering blasted across the interwebs as you might remember with theories of the recent hurricanes being altered. It is extremely rare for someone in music or entertainment to speak on the topic.

Yukmouth’s Instagram live video was posted here:

He talked about how he wouldn’t participate in “benefit” activities to help hurricane victims as other celebrities have been doing, because he would rather supply people directly on the ground with resources and support.

He put emphasis on how large charities and NGO’s are not to be trusted, and a decentralized, people’s approach to helping fellow people is the only way to aid in a situation like this.

“This is serious business you know what I mean, so I’m going to talk to people like Trae the Truth, I’m going to talk to people like my homeboy Rico from Rap A Lot Records, and other people out there that are on the ground, finding out how to send supplies for them, directly. I’m not going through no Red Cross, no FEMA, none of that sh*t,” Yukmouth said.

He encouraged people to donate directly to Houston residents, instead of going through a middleman entity.

He added that he believes resources are being diverted to the interests of the wealthy in Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, with oil tycoons likely to have their refineries fixed sooner than the infrastructure of common people.

Yukmouth heard that dams were strategically opened and closed in Houston to protect the interests of the wealthy at the expense of others and their areas in the city.

Later in the video, he went on to speak about geoengineering.

“Look it up man, look up HAARP. H-A-A-R-P, Google HAARP,”  Yukmouth continued.

Yukmouth was an associate of Tupac Shakur back in the day, and he has the power to reach a demographic of people who need to be aware of this type of information for the American people to form any kind of formidable resistance to dangers like this.

Hopefully more people of influence across all walks of life will start talking about issues that few want to approach.


(Image credit: Castle Rain, PSDS, Imgur)


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