Radiation Measuring Surveillance Lizards were Sent to Iran, Defense Official Reports

February 16, 2018  | Edge Canopy


Last week in Tehran, senior military advisor to the highest ranking leader in Iran supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei made claims that Western powers have been making use of reptiles as “nuclear spies.”

The man who formerly held the position of chief of staff in Iran’s military, Hassan Firuzabadi reported in a press conference that the West had utilized environmental activists, scientists, and lizards to spy on the nuclear program of Iran, claiming that the lizards could “attract atomic waves.” Western media outlets lightly belittled the claims, implying that environmentalists in Iran were recently arrested with this as the justification.

According to ARS Technica, well known Iranian environmentalists have been arrested recently. A Canadian citizen named Kavous Seyed Emami, a professor of sociology and environmental activist was arrested last month and lost his life in prison about a week ago. He supposedly hung himself in solitary confinement. The Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation was founded by the now deceased Emami. It was reportedly an institution for the protection of endangered species in the country.

A whirlwind of arrests occurred last month, and several other activists associated with the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation were incarcerated, one of which was a man who may have had money: Iranian-American businessman Morad Tahbaz, a board member of the institution. Hooman Jokar, one of the foundation’s vice-chairmen was also arrested. He was also head of the Asiatic Cheetah desk at the actual Department of the Environment in Iran, so perhaps some betrayal of the government occurred around these figures.

Naturally, there was a reason why the people were arrested. While one could say “the enemy of the enemy is not necessarily the friend,” and should in fact place a watchful eye on the actions of Iran just as the Western governments are not quite to be trusted, it seems to make a little sense what happened here.

Fars News Agency reports that the environmental activists were arrested because they had been “transferring intelligence to foreigners, and it is likely that more activists will be arrested,” in the words of the head of Iran’s Justice Department.

According to ARS Technica:

“After US nuclear tests at Bikini Atoll, Army doctor Colonel Stafford Warren convinced Chief of Naval Operations Admiral William H. P. Blandy to abandon efforts to clean up fallout aboard the target fleet there by showing him an x-ray of a fish from the lagoon–an X-ray taken using only the radiation coming from plutonium in the fish, which accumulated in the fish’s organs and scales. As far as “attracting atomic waves” go, there’s no scientific evidence that reptiles’ scales are effective as Geiger counters. The attention to Iranian environmental activists is likely based on suspicions of their ties to Western educational institutions and subversive Western organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund.”

In fact the World Wildlife Fund is as corrupt as an environmental organization can become, founded by monarch Prince Philip, the eugenicist brother of Brave New World author, Julian Huxley, and similiar characters to say the least about their history. The institution was thoroughly exposed in this article.

Firuzabadi spoke to journalists and said that foreign powers (he means the US and its coalition) often use environmental “tourists,” scientists, and academics essentially as spies. “Several years ago,” he explained, “some individuals came to Iran to collect aid for Palestine. We were suspicious of the route they chose.”

After being detained, the supposed environmental activists were found to be with “a variety of reptile desert species like lizards [and] chameleons,” according to Iranian officials. Some might argue that it would be very normal for environmental activists to be in possession of lizards.

“We found out that their skin attracts atomic waves and that they were nuclear spies who wanted to find out where inside the Islamic republic of Iran we have uranium mines and where we are engaged in atomic activities,” Firuzabadi said.

The lizard narrative seems to make hypothetical sense if you understand the geopolitics of the situation a little bit, but evidence is needed to confirm that reptiles can serve as accurate substrate for the measurement of radiation, especially for the specific purpose of learning about the activities of Iran’s nuclear program.

On one hand, it might be plausible. On the other, individuals in Iran’s government might possess a sort of paranoia when it comes to people associated with the United States or the West, because they have made it clear that Iran is their mortal enemy on numerous occasions. That would be pretty understandable: the rivalry between Iran and the West is no joke.

Whatever the case, in this 2010’s decade one must at least consider: can lizards be used as tools to measure radiation and spy on a country’s nuclear program?

Someone should ask former Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad what the probability of that is.

He believes the Mediterranean is (as his speech implies) was, or still is hit with weather modification technology (probably sprayed skies) to ensure drought occurs in Iran, and that is probably why monsoon rains have been known to occur further past Iran in the region of India. Lots of rain in India to the point of disaster, and none for Iran: that’s what he is implying.


(Image credit: Edge CanopyWiki, Grand Canyon Trust, CNA)


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